Spring! (?)

Yesterday morning started off in the 40’s and made it into the mid-60’s. Mark it as the first day that Zane played outside in the sandbox. At one point Faith used her computer to do a video chat to the office with me so Zane could demonstrate that his play set is TOO SMALL and we need a NEW ONE! “:^)

They are going down to cousin Dana’s for her birthday party today. I took him in to preschool this morning and we were early. He spent the whole time bouncing and running around and when anyone new showed up he’d corner them to tell them it was COUSIN DANA’S BIRTHDAY! With one of the little girls he went so far as to ask her if she was going to go to the birthday party. Finally, after he told her a couple of times she told him “Zane, you already told me that.” After which he just ran around being crazy and making her laugh instead.

As Zane was leaving this afternoon and I said goodbye he asked me, “Are you going to be lonely and cry all day long?”

I asked if he would, “No, I get to play with cousin Dana!”