Spring is Busting Out All Over!

I drained the pond part way yesterday to work on it, which exposed all of the frogs and toads who’d been hiding out. I lost count somewhere past 20 frogs. Some were huge and some seemed to get even bigger after the pond was drained. I think in such close, open quarters it’s easier (accidental or not) to eat one of the smaller frogs. Zane wanted to touch one, so I caught a whole bunch with my hands, held them up for Zane and he’d wiggle and giggle and delay until the frog realized he was perched on a big pink palm and plummet back pond ward.

So then we all went for a walk. Well, Faith & Raz were doing a good job walking, but I was following/leading Zane and we got kind of distracted by a huge cliff right off the side of the road.

Today I was doing some experiments with a mirror, for shooting video, and we discovered that Zane LOVES making faces at himself. He’s his very biggest fan … well, almost.