We all had a day of food yesterday. Zane started off with an early morning rice mush (usually fed in the afternoon) and then another around mid-day. The mid-day feeding included a festive serving of baby sweet potato mush. Having just consumed his bowl of rice the taste was a bit surprising, although not as much so as peas. He ate a couple of spoonfuls, guardedly, sure that they’d turn into peas at any moment.

His mom and dad enjoyed leg of lamb grilled with a mint pesto, caesar salad, garlic/fennel mashed potatoes, and a wonderful carrot cake.

Relaxing after our meals it was early evening and Zane started slipping off to sleep on schedule. He just never made it to the final eye-blink before his gums and pending teeth fired up. No teeth poking out yet, but for all of the fuss lately we are fully expecting all of them to emerge at once. It was almost like he’d just had a shot of angry espresso. This morning he woke up at his usual 5 o’clock range, yet three hours later and he hasn’t been able to go back to sleep like usual. I’m guessing the teething has him too unsettled.

Four months of teething doesn’t seem fair. To anyone.

Spoon Smile