Some of Saturday

One of the many places we went Saturday was the playground in town. As we walked over to the playground equipment the four or five kids (a couple different families) all said “Hi Zane!” and I thought that’s so cool, he’s got a growing collection of friends and acquaintances already! One of the slightly older boys walked up, asked if he wanted to play tag, Zane said sure, the kid tagged him and ran away. So started a half hour of tag, jumping, hide-n-seek (p.s. 4 yr olds peek when they count), and anything else they could think of after their limited attention spans got bored with the previous thing.

The one thing Zane probably won’t play again is, “hey, throw me off of this platform!” (two foot off of the ground). The first was like jumping and the second was like falling … not a fun game at all.

Another playground had two different parties going on. A 6-7 year old boys birthday party at the skate park and maybe a family reunion or office part at the other part of the park. Of course Zane wanted to crash both parties. He does this under the auspices of explaining something from his day, like how this one kid TOOK a train from the demo train track at the store and WALKED around the store without brining it BACK! Zane tracked him down and insisted that he needed to take the train car back. A good half dozen people were approached and told this story over the next few hours.

At the skate park he tried riding his scooter up and down most of the ramps. Tried climbing the BIG ramp where all of the big kids were laughing and goofing off as the mom tried to get a birthday picture taken using a cell phone with a dying battery. On the big double ramp he found a full sized skateboard and talked the man who owned it into letting him try it. Not at all like a scooter, but he picked himself up again and again until managing to stand on it for a few seconds.