I ran across this rig in the garage yesterday and immediately thought “Zane would LOVE this!” Which, of course, he did. We tried some lessons on how to use it during his bath, but alas we’ll have to settle for a refresher course at some future date.

You can’t really tell, but I also gave him a touch-up haircut since pre-school started this week and he was kind of scruffy. It’s not the best haircut you’ve ever seen, being mostly a trim, but it’s kind of hard to make it look good after he gave himself a haircut a week ago. He had his little pre-school scissors and was cutting up things for his garbage truck when his mom caught him dumping stuff in the trash. “What’s that?” she asked. “Oh, just my hair” he said, or something along those lines. There’s a small hunk of hair missing on one side to remind us of this.

Oh, and for the kid-sleeping junkies out there, I present snippets from the last month.