Snoozing it up in the Hamptons

Snoozing at the Hampton

Zane, like his father, appreciates the luxurious feather beds at the Hampton Inn. He’d appreciate it more if we let him sleep in the bed (as opposed to the decidedly non-feathered crib) all night rather than only when Dad can watch him.

Zane sort of met his Hong Kong cousins (hey, that has a nice ring to it!) last night. They are still on HK time, or some point on the globe between Hong Kong and New York, and were a little sleepy when we saw them last night. Not a problem, there were plenty of Henricksens for Zane to meet.

Zane was wide awake, even after nine, and probably a little out of whack from the drive down. Along the way we stopped at a freeway service area and I tried to take him into the men’s room to use the changing table. He took one look at the rows of urinals, harsh lighting, and strange, milling travelers and totally lost it. Took him outside, back to normal. Back inside, tears and fears.

He didn’t need changing that bad.