Sneaky Teeths

Zane had a real tough time mid-day yesterday: very fussy, crying, and sad. Despite Faith’s valiant efforts he only managed to squeeze in an hour nap. By the time I got home an hour or so later she was giving him a bath and he was happy and energetic again. She pointed out that his bottom molar has emerged most of the way. I felt around inside his mouth to see how the other side is doing. The gum is a little swollen, but that’s been true for at least a week. A quick finger swipe around the other gum lines didn’t find anything else.

And then I peeled his top lip back to look at the top tooth that has been coming in forever. Yep, still slowly coming in. Out of curiosity I looked at the rest of the gum up there and found the problem: he has a top molar (or whatever it’s called) popping out on the side of the gum line. There’s white tooth showing but it hasn’t quite popped out the bottom, chewing side of the gum which is why we haven’t felt it. Oh, and it’s is dark red and very sore looking. Poor guy.