Sneaky Teeth

Sneaky New Tooth

Guess who has a new tooth? And, no, it’s not a top tooth. All of this time we’ve been watching for the top tooth to pop out (it is on the cusp, the gum is all but transparent, stretched over the tooth like saran wrap) and he sneaks in a new one on the bottom. It’s on the right (his left), you might be able to just make it out among the breadcrumbs.

He’s been eating like crazy lately, out pacing Faith for the first time yesterday. His days are full of walking (assisted), crawling, investigating, and babbling. Pretty remarkable just how intent he gets, and stubborn. Er, that must be from his mom. There’s no doubt when he doesn’t want to do something, or has grown bored. It used to be that I could snuggle him in the nook of an arm and feed him milk before bed, but these days he knows what is coming and fights it. I have to start feeding him while standing up and then slowly sit down onto the chair to save my back.

Lil' Lumberjack