Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Zane

One of Zane’s favorite activities is sneaking up on his Mom. I guess it’s just peek-a-boo using doors and walls instead hands or blankets. His Dad holds Zane sideways and tiptoes down the hallway to find Faith. We’ll peak around a doorframe corner or boldly try to sneak up behind her if she’s sitting in her office.

The problem is two-fold: Faith has really good hearing and Zane has really bad sneaking. He starts breathing hard or even giggling long before we are close. It doesn’t matter: Mom acts surprised, Baby busts up laughing, and we back up around the corner to do it again.

Other things that make Zane smile and laugh: the cat, baby-in-the-mirror, the little water spouting whale in the bathtub, the channel info icon on the tv, and a table hinge. The table hinge is a strange one. We’ll be sitting on the couch and he stands up, looks over my shoulder, and a big smile comes over his face. At first I’d thought his mom was sneaking up, but instead it’s a small, squarish hinge on the table behind the couch. I’ve helped him crawl up and touch it and he seems totally in awe.

First thing I’m asking him when he starts talking is what’s up with the hinge.

Binky Stare