Smiling takes practice...

Giggling comes easy, but a good, hearty smile needs to have all of the right muscles working just right, a twinkle in the eye, and maybe even a hint of dimple.

And how about that haircut? After we went swimming (in the rather chilly pool, below) and then ran to the tub for a welcome warm bath, I realized that Zane wasn’t paying much attention and maybe, just maybe, I could cut his hair. It worked, but I can’t say it’s a very good cut, since I merely gathered all of the hair in the back and snipped it. This meant the middle of the back ended up shorter than the sides. Since it was wet at the time there’s also a chance I missed big sections. And forget any layering or tapering (except for the inverse taper). I figure by the time he’s five or ten I’ll be pretty good at giving haircuts. Here’s a before and after:

If you are looking at the top photos I should point out that: A) I didn’t touch his bangs, B) his hair is still damp, C) brush, comb, who us?

p.s. Happy Birthday wishes go out to Zane’s Great-Grandma who turned 108 today.