Smiley Numbers

After a bit of spitting out of food towards the end of dinner last night Zane become wonderful Son. He was laughing, singing, engaging in conversation, playing with toys and so on. Just wonderful. I even have a video, which I’ll try to post when there’s a bit more time. While playing with the abacus he was singing a rather strange medley of songs consisting of random parts twinkle twinkle, old mcdonald, i dig dirt, and some I didn’t recognize. Quite fun to watch him studiously playing with toys while singing a little ditty.

He was all smiles and laughter at bed time too. I had him up on the changing table, removing clothes and putting on pajamas, and he started saying “raspberry daddy? raspberry daddy?” Instead of giving him a raspberry directly I put a surprised look on my face, pointed to the ceiling, and exclaimed “Look up there!” He looked and I ambushed his belly with a raspberry, much laughter followed. After that he started giggling and saying “look upder! look upder!” as if that was the new cue for “give me a raspberry.”