Have we mentioned that it’s been raining a bit here? Like four inches last month and already 1.23 inches this month? Yeah, wet. Actually somewhat beyond wet, more like tropical. We half expect toucans flying over head and monkeys a-swinging whenever we take a hike in our woods, which Zane would totally love being as he is a dedicated member of the Curious George fan club.

One of the side effects of all of this rain, and I don’t know exactly why, is a proliferation of slugs and snails. It’s as if every 100th drop of rain turns into a slug. They are on the roads, climbing the trees and our house, and after a walk in the woods all of us, including the dog has to be de-slugged. During a break in the rain the other day we went out for a quick hike in our woods. Right off the bat Zane found a snail and started carrying it around. I tried to convince him to let it go on the rhubarb, which he did, but then he picked it right back up. After a dozen iterations of this I eventually coerced him to the woods trail where we found tree trunks dotted with slugs and snails for Zane to harvest. He’d pull a snail off of a tree and try to “stick” his old one back in its place.

Pretty cute, except for all of the slime and stuff.

Later he found a tree branch that was swarming with slugs. After all of this time I’ve mostly stopped wondering why he does what he does, but one really has to wonder about any attraction towards slugs. His fingers were covered in yellow slug slime and then he fell into a nearby puddle, putting a nice covering of mud sprinkles over the slug frosting.

Next stop, a warm bath.

Another of the new things for Zane is buckles. Whenever he gets out of his booster seat after eating now he turns around and fastens all of the buckles. He’s been also trying to fasten the buckles in his car seats, but they are a little tougher, especially when you are buckling yourself in. No matter, whenever and wherever he sees a buckle he is compelled to fasten it. Luckily he isn’t trying to unfasten any of them.

p.s. Happy birthday to cousin Lizzie!