Skate Park

Saturday we had our normal dump run, which included a bonus “behind the scenes” show when we were dumping some old metal out back. A huge front-loader drove up right next to us to haul away a dumpster of garbage, just about scaring the daylights out of (while totally thrilling) Zane. Then we drove across the street to the sand and gravel place where there’s nothing BUT front-loaders and dump trucks and heavy equipment roaming around. A huge front-loader dumped a teensy bit of gravel into our trailer and away we went.

I was all for getting the rocks home and unloaded but Zane had his heart set on the playground (and book store, and trains, and etc..). So we stopped at the playground. He played on the kids stuff for a few minutes before running over to the skate park and there we played for the next half hour or more. See, the thing with the skate park is that there’s lots of really fine dirt. See those dark streaks where Zane is sliding down? Yes, those were dirty once, before he started cleaning it off with his butt.

The next two shots are from the big ramps. One ramp was a little less steep and he could just climb it, if he tried hard enough. The other was way to steep and the only way he could get up there was with my help. Which was a bit tough for him, since the whole time before he was instructing “Daddy, stay over there!” He wanted to be in control and play by himself.