Six Years Old!

Zane, one week old

LBZ, or Little Baby Zane, came into our lives six years ago and nothing has been quite the same since. The first year was all about process: feeding, cleaning, monitoring, transporting, and sometimes sleeping. At the grocery store yesterday I noticed a tidy little bag of diapers and had a momentary flashback to his room with the changing table so prominent, wipes, diapers, teeny clothes, and the wonderful “blankets” that we’d wrap him in burrito style. Slowly, over time we’d add new things to the routine: outings, solid food, real clothes, toys, a puppy, changes in furniture, and eventually talking and walking.

It’s been quite a change from that Zane to the one we have now. Now HE wants to do everything, wants to know how everything works, what everything means. He’ll ask about something and before you can fully respond he’ll start trying to explain it to you, put forth his theories and world view on the matter. If he starts a sentence off with “Hey, I know” or “Hear this” you might as well sit back and enjoy the show.

He’s happy, fun, and full of energy and curiosity .. sometimes to the exclusion of everything else. Oh, and he LOVES to talk! He’ll stop to chat with anybody, anytime. When he sees kids at the store he’ll always wave and say “hi!”, maybe tossing in a personal note like “I am five” or “My name is Zane … Z.A.N.E … it’s really easy”.

Zane loves to swim and climb. He’s a bit of a daredevil, justifying that since nothing bad has happened then nothing bad can happen. We’ve got to work on that. He’s getting pretty good at reading, can count to one hundred and likes to do math. He earns allowance for feeding the dog, folding and putting away his clothes, and helping out around the house. Now that “he” owns chickens he has the new job of helping take care them and, eventually, helping daddy build the chicken coop. He would also like his dad to help him build some robots.