Sitting and Rolling and Eating

Zane sitting at office

Zane came to work yesterday and that is a picture of him in the Baby Corner, a little futon with blankets area I’ve set up for him. There’s a small crib at the office, but he is seldom interested in spending time there, in fact he’s usually vehemently against it.

The futon can be configured with a couple blankets or jackets to give him support during sitting practice. These days he needs less and less help in sitting and can even go short periods without anything “wedged” against his skinny butt. You can watch his hands and legs actively trying to maintain balance, which usually works until he gets distracted—and he’s always getting distracted!

The other thing Zane’s been doing a lot of is rolling over. The only time he doesn’t roll over in his crib these days is when he passes out from exhaustion. As soon as he wakes up again the rolling resumes. Oh, and he likes to stick his legs against and through the crib slats.

There’s less leg slamming these days and when he wakes up he doesn’t seem so desperate to have us come feed him. Speaking of which, I usually do the 6am feeding and the one just before bed at around 7pm. Faith does a top off feeding around 10-11pm (and a bunch during the day, or course), but last night I did the late feeding for the first time in a long time. What a difference! During other feedings Zane’s either bright eyed waking up or reluctantly winding down, in both cases he’s a real handful: wiggling, snapping his head around to look at things, and kick, kick, kick. During last night’s late feeding he looked like a totally different baby: eyes closed, face kind of puffy, and sucking down milk like nobody’s business.

He’s up to two and sometimes three solid meals a day (solid being a relative term). Peas—store bought or homemade—didn’t make the cut, green beans weren’t too bad, carrots are a hit, yams s’ok, pears are peculiar, and the jury is still out on bananas (tangy!). I’m surprised that an entrepreneurial parent hasn’t invented a baby feeding straight-jacket or some other containment device where all you have to deal with is food-into-mouth. I realize we haven’t seen anything yet, but surely there’s a technical solution?

Rolling Z