Sit 'n' Read

Sit and Read

After a long day at the crib one likes to prop up with a good book and practice sitting.

Hey, wait a second! Can we get some more blue in this picture?

Zane is hanging out in the family room on the cool rug we got. Maybe someday I’ll try to do a panorama of the family in the family room to show how it all turned out. We like it: cozy and bright and spacious.

Yesterday was a much better day for Zane. Regular feedings, no more sadness and crying, and the day culminated in his dad taking him to the mommies get together. We showed up early (can’t help it) and while Zane entertained himself with a toy I ate the meal I’d ordered. A mom showed up w/baby and looked over our way, but wasn’t sure how to proceed. “Is this just a guy with a baby or is he part of the group?“ she thought, while I was thinking “Is this just a gal with a baby or is she part of he group. And what IS this group?

Finally a mom showed up we both knew and we all said our hellos, circled the strollers, and set up camp. A couple more moms & babies showed up and we had a real hootenanny. No one was offended by having a dad there nor suggested pushing the non-mommy out in the cold to freeze.

Zane was the elder of the baby group, at least a month older than the others. He was also pretty wired compared to the rest. The other babies were casual, sleeping off and on, maybe have a sip of milk, but mostly subdued and calm. Zane was rocking and rolling, trying to grab everything, standing on my lap most of the time, and making all manner of noise. We visited all of the babies and Zane socialized a little and tried to eat parts of their strollers.

Everything goes in the mouth now. The eyes, arms, and assorted torso muscles all exist to find and bring things to the mouth. Dad’s root beer…must chew! Dad’s napkin…must chew! Dad’s hair, collar, sandwich, nose…must chew!

I’m happy to report that he didn’t chew on any of the other babies.