Sit, boy, sit!

Faith was headed out for Raz’s dog training class last night and said, “Sit!” She turned to find out that maybe she wasn’t specific enough on who should be sitting. Good boy, Zane!

For the past few days Zane has been waking up “badly” from his nap. Really weepy, clingy, and it usually devolves into a small fit of sorts. He wants this, no doesn’t want it, don’t look at him this way, don’t put the cup there, don’t move, holdi me, don’t hold me, etc… Interspersed in it all will be cries for “I DIG DIRT” and Curious George. Still, it might be related more to his teeth than anything else. He’s been putting fingers … and his whole hand … in his mouth a lot lately, especially so when he’s in such a bad mood. One of the bottom second molars is all of the way in and the other is close behind, so maybe there’s a little sore gum there. Nothing is poking out yet where the top molars will be coming in, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t becoming an issue.

I got a copy of David Elliot’s Finn Throws A Fit last week and believe it or not Zane likes it, even when he’s throwing a fit. He was completely inconsolable yesterday so I finally put him on my lap and started reading it, saying something like “hmm, do you think you look like Finn here, or over here?” Within a minute the tears subsided and we both marveled at the power of Finn’s fit.