Sit and Crawl

Trying to sit

I should admit right up front that Zane is nowhere near the sitting stage. He’s got no butt. How can you sit if you don’t have a butt? It’s like trying to balance a pear skinny side down!

He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s not sitting or that sitting might even be an option. For the photo I propped him up and gave him the toy and he continued to investigate and play with it all the while his body slowly transitioned from the vertical to the horizontal. That he suddenly had half of his face buried in the comforter didn’t seem to change his focus one wit.

That’s concentration!

Falling on his side will often dispel his restlessness, as if gravity wasn’t agreeing with him upright and this laying on the side is just what he was looking for. Yesterday he slid off of the pillow and onto his side, played with his toy for a few minutes and drifted off to sleep.

When he hangs out in Dad’s home office (complete with queen size bed!) he gets to sleep in all kinds of new ways: with covers and pillows, on his side, on his belly, and with his hands free. I think the last one is his favorite since at night we still bundle him up in a wrap and plop him into his crib. The wrap keeps him warm and keeps his crazy arms and legs from waking him up (he still wakes from the moro reflex if his arm or leg moves while he’s sleeping: even though HE moved them). But in dad’s office he has me to watch over him and it doesn’t matter if he wakes up after only an hour of sleep.

Zane really likes to bury his face in the comforter, so one must be ever vigilante.

The bad news is that Zane has caught up with his Mom. She’s been cruising along making 600-750ml of milk a day while Zane’s consumption has hovered in the 450-600ml range. Yesterday, despite a valiant last minute push by Faith with 770ml, Zane ended the day with 800ml in his belly (well…). That’s 27.1 ounces!

They’ve been close before but this is the first time with these kinds of numbers.

No pressure mommy…

Speaking of competition, Hannah left a comment yesterday that Zane’s cousin (half-cousin?) Oliver is clocking in at 16 pounds and twenty five inches long. Oliver was born two days after Zane, at 7lbs 9oz and 19.5” compared to Zane’s 6lbs 14oz and 21”. So this morning I popped Zane onto the bathroom scale to find that he’s at 13.4lbs and the tape measure puts him somewhere around 25” long, plus or minus a wiggle. Oliver also wins the miles travelled award having just returned from Holland!

Big head crawly boy

p.s. I added a link to Zane’s Movie and Photo gallery at the top of the page.