Sir Crawls A Little

Sir Crawls A Little

“Umm, let’s go back to the part where Dad holds me and I stand up. Or sitting. Sitting is good. This whole concept of scrabbling on the floor like a fashionably dressed crustacean is really quite demeaning.”

To say that crawling isn’t his favorite activity would be an understatement. Sometimes you can pop Zane down on his stomach and he’ll prop himself up on elbows, maybe wiggle around a bit, but inevitably he’ll realize what you are trying to do and start complaining. He may even drop his head in dejection, which on a solid floor leads to even more dejection, anger, and noise.

Despite all of that he’s getting better. He can pick his whole back end off the ground, at the expense of his face being scrunched into the floor. There’s some forward progress when he crawls and the days of crawling backwards seem to be, well, behind him. We keep putting him down on his belly a few times a day (he sleeps there all night, I don’t know what the big deal is) and let him work those little muscles into shape.

As for the sleeping through the night without a late snack from mom? Well, it worked that one time, but either that or something else triggered a whole new set of behaviors. One night he’ll fall asleep before six. Some days he doesn’t eat as much and you know he’s starving. All of which mean either we sneak in to give him a snack before midnight or he wakes up later in the morning and snarfs down a bottle of milk in a stupor.

All in all he’s been a healthy and happy guy though. His appetite seems to be picking up and yesterday it seemed that he was using the sign language Faith has been teaching him to ask for milk and more food.

Oh, and he’s even cuter than ever. Cute to infinity, plus one.

Also, a belated happy birthday to Zane’s uncle Kirk, he of cuke boots and zanium cover fame.