For mommy’s birthday Zane and I made a card. I helped him write “mommy” but he wanted to write his name. The first “z” (near fold) was kind of off, so I had him start a new one. I think he realized part way through that is was going the wrong way so he just appended the right way to the bottom (i.e. ignore top line). Then he did the A and the N (“n goes up and down and up and down and up and down!”) and finally the E. I had my doubts about the E at first, since we were at a different angle, but viewed at another angle it doesn’t look too bad!

He then proceeded to help make the birthday cake. The mix needed cutting open and I offered to get scissors,

“Oh, oh, I have an idea! Zaney get his scissors!”

Your play-doh scissors? Those won’t really cut.

“I know, but we can pretend, daddy.”

And off he went to get the scissors. Indeed, he pretended to be cutting the bag while I ripped along the pre-cut line. He stirred and help grate carrots and then stirred and sampled the frosting, deciding that he needed to do a LOT more sampling!

We took Faith out to eat and, well, maybe it was in part due to the frosting but most likely it’s just normal for a kid his age, but he was wound up in crazy kid mode. Babbling in tongues, wiggling around, and giggling non-stop while we tried to get food into him. Even at home later, trying to get him ready for bed, he was acting possessed. Eventually I got him put to bed.

We pulled the safety knob off his door a while ago at his request. He promised he wouldn’t wander around. So far it’s been working fine, he wakes up in the morning around 6:30-7 and usually goes to stand in our bedroom doorway to wake up mommy, if she isn’t already up, or I’ll intercept him if I’m working from home. Last night for the first time he woke up in the middle of the night and left his room. I heard him working the doorknob and was out of bed when he showed up at our door and said, “Mommy? I had a dream.”

He and I went back into his room and I asked about the dream. Was it a bad dream? “No.” What was it about? “Dogs. A dog dream.” And that was about all I got out of him, he did mention a few minutes later that he was “at the end of the dream” but nothing else. I stayed with him for a bit and then got up to leave. “Daddy?” Yes, I said, leaning over. “You’re my best friend, daddy.”