Toothless Baby

Poor little baby Zane (PLBZ) had his six month shots yesterday. Other than the searing pain in the legs and resultant screaming he did well on the checkup, 27” long and a little under 15.5 lbs. But those shots, yow!

He fell asleep on the way home and slept for a couple hours. Woke up sad and cried for a while. Dad took over when the piano student showed up and fed him half a jar of carrots, gave him a bath, popped into pajamas and then he was sad again. More like sad and confused and not feeling all so hot. Finally I gave him a half dose of tylenol, fed him a bit more, and he slowly fell asleep while whimpering in my arms. Saddest thing you ever saw.

Slept a couple hours and I woke him up to feed some more, since he hadn’t eaten all that much. He wasn’t really awake but he chugged down almost a whole bottle. Back to bed, mom fed him a little bit more at his usual late-night-snack time, and then he slept almost eight hours.

Tough day!

Blurry Joy