Zane showing off his patent pending Goggle Eyes™

Speaking of goggles, this weekend we picked up a pair of swimming goggles just for him. I reasoned that since he’s swimming three days a week, tends to spend most of his time underwater, and the free ones at the pools typically never adjust right, fog up, and dent his face that I could splurge on a pair. He helped me pick them out at the sports store, but what he really wanted to do was buy roller skates! He’s focused like that. “:^)

Sunday we swam for over two hours. I was exhausted but near as I could tell he barely noticed. About halfway through the morning’s swim he started actually swimming, pushing off from the edge of the pool and swimming out to me about six or seven feet away and then after a breath swimming back. Really impressive progress!

Oh, and then we went out for hamburgers, where he spent all of the time in line and ordering saying “toy? toy? toy? can I have a toy?” Apparently the lady was a grandma because she caved right in a surreptitiously gave him a free toy.