Self-tiring System

Zane and Raz don’t often play with each other, but when they do I wholeheartedly try to encourage it. Why? Well, I figure they might tire each other out, and that’s good for everyone. Last night Zane got tired of trying to jump on me and turned his attention to Raz. First he grabbed Raz’s tail and they played a game of crack-the-whip. Raz didn’t seem to mind the attention and other than squealing like crazy (so much so his Mom, upstairs, told him to keep it down) Zane loved it. Then they ran around the couch for a while. Zane doesn’t have the same kind of speed, but Raz also can’t get as much traction on the slippery floor so it was an almost even contest. Then they turned it into the game you see in the video (be sure to watch large size) before Zane turned his attention back to jumping on his dad. Fun while it lasted.