Selectively Self-Sufficient

Another Saturday about town yesterday. No recycling and this outing was more driven by Zane than anything. He wanted to go places. I mean, he’s really into Christmas time this year and uses any excuse to talk about or look at or contemplate toys. We read Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer last night and he used the opportunity to wonder if maybe Santa Claus can bring him the toys he needs.

So, mostly it was his outing and I tagged along to pick up some supplies. At Home Depot they gave out free popcorn and he was all over that. He wandered after me in the store, chomping away at his bag of popcorn. Oh, and blocking people. At first I thought it was an accident but then it became apparent that he was purposely walking in front of people’s path and stopping. Social experiment? Mean streak? Hard to say.

We then hit *mart, at Zane’s request, and did a little christmas shopping and a little wandering through the toys area. He’s started asking for a bike, but when I put him on a bike in the store he just wanted to get off and said “no like bike.” He was mostly looking for the little dump truck that he’s been asking for. No luck finding it and we have no idea which one he’s talking about.

Afterwards we stopped at the office to pick up some stuff and on a whim I asked if he wanted to eat lunch at the truck stop. “YES!” was the answer and so that’s just what we did. Once he was settled in the booth (he sits across from me now) he lost no time in grabbing the tray of jellies and opening one up. I gave him a knife and he had NO problem scooping it out and eating the whole thing in less than a couple of minutes. Funny how it can take an hour to get the smallest bit of food into this kid and yet when he’s running the show (popcorn, jelly, butter) there’s no problem at all.

Speaking of food, last night we were having hamburgers and Faith got out the jar of pickles I canned this Summer. The conversation went like this:

Faith: There’s one p-i-c-k-l-e left

Jerry: Hey, Zane, do you know what a p-i-c-k-l-e is?

Z: Pickle!

F & J: … [surprised glances exchanged] …

Faith: We’re doomed…