See My Teeth?

It’s been a while since we had a tooth update. Not much has changed other than the bottom teeth seem to be most of the way out and the top, back teeth continue their slow journey out of the gums. His two top canines are out a little ways, looking a lot like well-sharpened white pencil tips poking out of the gum line. The tooth right behind them is in a similar configuration even though they’ve been coming out for much longer now.

Maybe it’s the teeth, maybe it’s practice, but he sure seems to eat faster. At the start of the meal he’ll wolf things right down and his mouth doesn’t get a backlog of food. Is he chewing? Seems like he might be, although I bet it would be much easier with a top molar or two.

His Aunt Laura sent out some homemade pickled wax beans. Zane loves them even though they are kind of spicy. Instead of sticking the whole bean in his mouth he nibbles off little bites and seems to savor it. We tried a hummus on him the other night and got the “tofu face” in return, but unlike with tofu he didn’t seem interested in having another bite. For the most part he’ll eat everything. Truly. Last night I caught him peeling wallpaper downstairs (he inherited that trait from Tink I guess) and later found a wadded up, soggy chunk of it that he might have been taste testing.

The wallpaper is nothing though. This baby is into everything. Compelled by his recent increase in curiosity and speed I put latches onto a couple bathroom cabinets: we’d reasoned that keeping the bathroom door shut would be good enough, but I decided to error on the safe side. While I installed the latches Zane unrolled the toilet paper and then sent shredded armadas of it floating down the clothes chute to the basement. Once I took that “toy” away he surreptitiously started peeling wallpaper and plaster board next to the shower stall. Yeah, yeah, I gotta fix that someday.