Scrappy O

Saturday was touch-a-truck day over in White River Junction. This is an event where they feature all manner of shapes and sizes of trucks, tractors and related equipment. It turns into a bit of an overload, what amazingly large, complicated truck first? and then devolves into honk-a-horn, which becomes the main feature for every kid. There’s lots of free candy, pencils, and it really is quite fun. This year they went a step further and added a bouncy house. Seven kids at a time for about five minutes in a free-for-all bounce session. Sometimes the kids would be a bit older and larger so little (i.e. light) guys like Zane would get shot around when someone bounced nearby. That didn’t seem to matter as he likes the falling as much as the bouncing.

Which brings us to the other photo. Sunday he and Faith met his buddy Jonah and mom Audrey up at a playground for fun and picnic. Somewhere in the action, despite warnings from his mom, Zane went down a slide head first. That was ok, he didn’t get hurt or slide off… well, until his buddy came down the slide afterwards and bonked into him, sending him plummeting face first into the playground. A lot of crying followed and now he doesn’t seem to even notice that his face is kind of scabbed up.

Last night at bedtime we were singing and Zane started making up songs. First he was doing a series of tones that I was expected to copy, like “ba ba be ba bo ba be” and I’d say something like “ba ba be ba bu ba be” and he’d be all, “no, no daddy, say ba ba be ba bo ba be!” quite adamant that I get it right. They weren’t any particular melodies, that I could tell, and he made a few of them before moving on to the next contest. First he started singing I Dig Dirt, then moved on to Old McDonald and was trying his best to blend the two together, expecting me to follow along. Giving up on trying to mimic I started singing my own versions with papayas and penguins, which were funny enough that he didn’t insist I stop.