Scooter Master

A relatively nice day yesterday so Zane and I spent a good half of it at the playground. Scootering (is that a word?), running around and making friends on the playground. He got the scooter this Summer from his cousins and has been learning to ride it. I’d say yesterday was the first day I’d seen him do long coasts on it and turn while coasting

We also went out to eat at Peking Tokyo where he had RAW FISH EGGS! He loves sushi, but we don’t let him eat raw fish yet. The California rolls that came with our meal had the intsy-bintsy fish eggs on the outside and I decided he could probably handle that. He likes to sit with the sushi photo menu and ask what each one is. He’s also pretty good at eating a bowl of miso soup, his only complaint is that he doesn’t like tofu. That makes two things he’s pretty sure he doesn’t like: tofu & beets.

He was getting close to finishing up and I told him that the slice of cucumber had his name on it. He picked it up, rolled it over and over in his fingers, examining it. “Where’s the name?” I said that it was an expression, meaning that he’s destined to eat the cucumber. He replied with, “Oh, you make a joke!”