Science Bubbles

Zane and I had a big morning yesterday: dump run, gymnastics, and then an hour or so running around the science museum. He tried to immediately head to the bubbles, but I managed to keep him away until it was closer to the time we were going to leave, since you never know how wet and bubbly he’ll end up.

As it turned out he really got wet anyways but it didn’t have anything to do with the bubbles. I changed his diaper when we first got there and, unbeknownst to me, used a swim diaper instead of a pull-up. Well, it turns out swim diapers aren’t meant to really soak up anything (for obvious reasons) and Zane ended up with soggy pants, socks, and shoes. Really soggy.

Luckily they had a hand dryer in the bathroom…

p.s. Happy Birthday to Grandpa Henricksen!