Yesterday started off as kind of an odd morning. I think it was a NO morning, meaning Zane pretty much automatically said no to everything. Even though he might change his mind seconds later. If you are clever you can work with or around it, but it can be tiring. I helped him crack, scramble, and then cook his very own egg for breakfast. There was also a sausage link and a few tater tots involved, but they were in the NO category (he really didn’t want them on the same plate as the eggs by golly) until the end of the meal when they magically disappeared.

After that we went to town to see what was up with the two giant dumpsters we saw in the CCBA parking lot on Friday (we even saw the truck deliver one of them). Must be for a big party or junk sale, I figured. On the way there a neighbor was having a yard sale and Zane needed to check it out. All he really wanted to do was check out their big RV (which wasn’t for sale) and talk about if all of the various cars pulling into the driveway might be getting hooked to the camper. He’s into planning things now. For instance a black mini-van stopped at the yard sale and then left before us. He pondered if it could be hooked to the RV and decided that it was our job to follow the mini-van to other yard sales. He kept that plan alive for a few miles, until something else captured his attention.

In the end we went to three yard sales, Dan & Wits (a labyrinthian catch-all store), the Montshire science museum, and the farmer’s market. We even went on a mile plus hike around the Montshire’s trails. A lot of fun, but with him being in such a NO mood we had a few struggles along the way. After his nap he helped me whip up some garlic-mashed potatoes and then sat down to eat them with a pickle while I cooked the rest of the meal. He’s into pickles right now. And salt. I envision the little Zane factory needing an influx of chemicals for a new expansion it’s undertaking. Pickles this week, noodles every third day, and how about a splash of milk… today only.

As I was getting him ready for bed he had a glass of milk (which he hardly never has) and dried apples while I performed the William Tell Overture under the guise of a plastic horse and hay cart he’s currently captivated by. See, the horse would be galloping along, pull the hay, singing the song when suddenly it turned to look at Zane and said “Hey!” Laughter ensues, the horse goes back to hauling and it all happens again. Zane was in stitches. So when it came time for bedtime stories he latched onto all of the funny, sing-songy ones. We’d enact them over and over, being as funny and silly as we could. We also sang the alphabet song a few times (working on separating LMNOP from each other), twinkle twinkle, and of course I DIG DIRT. One of his PBS learning shows had an episode where the duck kept forgetting the word star in Twinkle Twinkle. Well, sure enough, when Zane sings it now he does the same thing “Twinkle, twinkle little… little… little…”

And don’t ask what this picture means.