Scene from the Big Chair IV

Big Chair 4

I don’t know how long this series will survive. This wasn’t all that big of a chair and of course the baby is getting bigger. Taken yesterday at the hotel on the way back from DC. They also had a swimming pool which Zane and I took advantage of. The pool had steps which Zane spent a lot of time half crawling, half standing on.

Zane travels pretty well. He’ll eventually hit the wall and start crying and it’s pretty much up to Faith, sitting next to him, to figure out what will make him stop. Lately it seems he just wears himself out and fall asleep. On our first vacation it seemed like we couldn’t really make it more than two hours without a serious stop. On this trip Zane slept as long as three hours sometimes. It adds a new dimension to the trip: Mom and Dad toughing it out with full bladders and/or empty stomachs just to drive longer while baby sleeps.