Scene from the Big Chair

Scene from a Big Chair

There’s a contest going on in the house between the milk producer and the milk consumer. Zane is having a growth spurt of some sorts and has been drinking down lots of milk. Faith somehow manages to stay ahead. She had a long sleep yesterday (Zane walked into work with me) and ended up going over ten hours between “production” runs. Net result, even more milk!

Psychic mammary glands!

Yesterday’s stats:

  • Zane 707 ml (23.9 oz)
  • Faith 902 ml (30.5 oz)

The day before:

  • Zane 662 ml (22.4 oz)
  • Faith 789 ml (26.7 oz)

And before that:

  • Zane 694 ml (23.5 oz)
  • Faith 775 ml (26.2 oz)

A week ago:

  • Zane 565 ml (19.1 oz)
  • Faith 869 ml (29.4 oz)

Today at 6:30am:

  • Zane 215 ml (7.3 oz)
  • Faith 0 ml (0 oz)

Isn’t it reassuring that zero milliliters is also zero ounces? I know the metric system gives most of us ‘mericans the creeps, but at least it’s not so weird as to defy the precious zero.

Used to be the most Zane could chug down was between 60 and 80 ml. These days it’s not uncommon for him to down a 100 or even 120 ml in a sitting, let off a tiny burp, and then want to play. I don’t know about Faith, but I find the idea of jostling a baby who’s gulped down that much milk a little intimidating.