Scene from a Big Chair VI

Considering that the last one of these shots was from December ’08 it’s been a while and long overdue. Here’s the very first big chair image. The rocking chair now resides in the downstairs furnace room and the only time Zane is near it is when he’s taken a bath and goes down to run around naked in front of the fire in the dark. Anyways, since the last big chair picture his hair has certainly filled out, he’s got a bit more eyebrow (never enough for his Aunt who married into the heavy mono-brow clan), and he’s longer in all directions. He’s also much more mischievous.

And energetic. Yesterday after his nap we went into the backyard to throw the ball for Raz and Zane was zipping everywhere. Quickly. Over the Winter I have been putting up a fence to keep the dog in the yard and now that Spring is here it will have a dual role of containing Zane and Raz. Need something around the pond and probably isolate a few other areas as well, but otherwise we have a great kid/dog play area.

Not sure if we need a swing set. Maybe just roll a few more large boulders into the yard?