Scattershot day

Back before Thanksgiving Zane had a bit of a cold, but ended up giving it to me instead. I’ve nurtured it since and have now returned the favor. Well, both of us are a bit boogery and croaky, but he clearly is in the worst of it. So yesterday he woke at 3:30am for a variety of reasons, coughing included, and it was an hour or more before I got him back to sleep. Of course by then I was wide awake. So I stayed at home, did some work, then took Zane to preschool. The first picture is from preschool where he’s kind of acting like the greeter, saying hi to kids as they come down the stairs, going around asking people questions and being totally pleasant.

On Saturday he and I hooked up the trailer to the van and headed off to the gravel pits to get some hard pack for fixing the holes in the driveway. Wouldn’t you know it, both gravel places are closed on Saturday. Don’t they know it’s xmas shopping time?

Yesterday after preschool we set off to try again. But it was a cold, rainy, dreary day and as we did our recycling I decided it wasn’t the day to be out shoveling soggy gravel. We did get the recycling and trash taken care of, with a bonus of sorts. Next to the big dumpsters they have a HUGE pile of cast off household items. Chairs, couches, beds, you name it. Zane was sitting in the car identifying things, asking why there where so many suitcases. I figured it would be fun to drive around the back side of the pile to see what else we might find. We did, and sitting there as if waiting for us, was this little electric motor powered car!

Being a long time dumpster diver I of course stuffed it into the back of the van. Zane talked all about it all the way home. A new kid that lives next door has something like this and he wanted to call him up and tell him the great news, maybe see if he wanted to go for a drive. I said we first had to fix the car and that it might not even be fixable. Undaunted. I also cautioned that since it’s Winter and there would soon be snow on the ground (today in fact) he wouldn’t be able to drive it outside until Spring. Undaunted. He suggest that we need to change the tires and put snow tires on it!