Scary Stuff

Scary Tooth

Finally got him to lay still long enough AND smile to photograph the top tooth. The gum over the other one has been getting red and Zane’s been getting fussier, so it’s only a matter of time: preferably measured in days instead of weeks. You know how babies love schedules though. He’s using the new teeth whenever possible, at least whenever the opportunity to gnaw on his dad comes up.

Zane spent the afternoon doing scary slide tricks, including walking up the slide. He’s been trying to do that for weeks and I guess growing muscles finally teamed up with tenacity to kick the slide’s butt. The slide returned the favor many times. To get up the slide Zane held on to the sides and crab-walked up. Sometimes legs went faster than arms and dad had to catch him when he tumbled over. Ditto for the many times he got to the top and forgot all about gravity and precarious drop-offs.

I’m not sure if I should be catching him or letting him fall sometimes. How do they develop a respect for gravity and scary situations if there’s a constant safety net? I don’t think it would make a bit of difference, there’d be a little more crying but he’d be fearless/crazy either way.

The photo shows one of the ways Zane gets up the slide. At this point he goes up the slide every way possible EXCEPT the stairs.

Scary Stairs