Scary Monsters

I finally remembered to grab the good camera and take a couple shots of Zane, only to get some half-smile and “looking somewhere else” images. His Grandma said something about the poor kid not wanting his picture taken (as if!) so Zane and I took a photo of her. Now who doesn’t want their photo taken, eh?

Grandma picked a whole bunch of wild grapes from the front wall and spent the afternoon cooking them down for jelly. She put in some lime juice and apple chunks, along with a bit of sugar, making for a pleasantly tart and VERY purple jelly. I helped Zane to lick out the pot and of course he LOVES the stuff. We even spread it on bread and he chomped that down, ending up with very purple lips and teeth.

A little bit earlier while I was feeding him we got a call from Faith, wondering if we needed anything from the store. After hanging up I realized that Zane didn’t get a chance to talk and called her back. Good thing, since he actually had his first phone conversation. It started off with a fair bit of smiling and giggling and then he said “Hello Mommy.” He even said “Love you Mommy” and I’m totally surprised that she didn’t just faint in the store aisle.

Here he is, practicing for Halloween … at least I hope that’s what he’s doing!