Saving the Reindeer

Did you know that kids are now tasked with feeding Santa’s reindeer? Maybe it’s a move away from leaving out cookies & milk for Santa. Zane brought home a bag of reindeer food (oatmeal and sparkles?) from pre-school with directions on what to do with it. The day before xmas we went to the feed & grain place to get presents for Raz and Tink and the lady behind the counter offered something to Zane.

“Here, would you like a bag of reindeer food?”

“No thank you. I already have some.”

No greedy reindeer feeding kid in this family!

Zane got to open two presents on xmas eve, a big one and a small one, after we went out for dinner and went to see the La Salette shrine. He was negotiating the whole evening that he needed to open TWO large boxes … but he tries to negotiate everything these days. Luckily after opening the first one (garbage truck!) he forgot about all of the other presents. Before heading off to bed the reindeer food was suddenly remembered and an emergency expedition was formed, consisting of Zane, Mommy, and Raz (daddy stood inside the warm of the back door and took photos).