Saturday the 4th

Another busy Saturday for all of us. We did tons of things and yet didn’t seem to do many of the things we set out to do. Still, we had fun trying. Faith needed to pick up some stuff for the show she’s in so Zane and I wandered around. They have a store with tons of trains and I bought Zane a new train: “Lady” (movie below) who takes an AA battery and can pull a bunch of other trains. He was more enamored of the display train in the lobby, which has a single car and goes around and around a little 15×15 foot track probably non-stop every day of the year. Zane kept coming back to watch it and made sure that everyone walking by knew there was a train right there!

We went out for lunch at a seafood place where Zane consumed a lot of everything, including the coleslaw and a lemon. Other people always get a kick out of watching him munching a raw lemon. He also had tons of fun with the claw game in the lobby, even though it didn’t do a thing.

It rained most of the day, some of them torrential downpours. So we’d sneak out when there was a break in the deluge and walk the woods or even go on a quick bike ride. I took this photo while we were biking so you can see how seriously he takes it.

The town fireworks weren’t scheduled until 9:30, which is about the time Zane normally conks out. We considered going anyways, but since it was still raining off and on and there was a chance of cancellation we decided against it. Oddly enough Zane wasn’t falling asleep and was awake when the fireworks started going off (they are a mile or two away). So I bundled him up, put him in a carriage, and we walked down the road a ways to catch some glimpses of it over the horizon. Zane seemed to enjoy it, making a few exclamations for the brighter displays. Still, he didn’t pay much attention and was too busy looking around and babbling, like a little tape recorder playing back every word and thought he’d had in the last week. He was talking about busses and moons and cats and trains and so on. Maybe he was sleep babbling? We walked back home and he went right to sleep.