Saturday Hike to the Lake

There’s at least one advantage to the lack of snow and cold temperatures. Uhm, that would be, uh, hmm, ah… Well, it’s easier to go for a hike! After driving around unsuccessfully looking for an outdoor skating pond (none) we randomly decided to hike up to Boston Lot lake. Considering the skating ponds weren’t being used yet I didn’t expect to find guys out ice fishing on the lake. Of course seeing them Zane pipped up with, “Let’s go talk to those guys!”

Talk talk talk talk … he’s like my own personal translator. The guy was more than happy to chat with us and even let Zane try out the little ice fishing pole, which instead of jigging with he proceeded to wind the line back in. “He’s pretty coordinated for a 4 year old,” the guy confided. The guy had a pretty good catch scattered around the half dozen holes he was cycling between. Zane worked up his courage and even touched one of the Black Crappie.