Saturday Events

We didn’t have lots to do yesterday, but it was still a pretty busy day all the same. I’ve been wanting to get his haircut for a month or so now and finally remembered to call early in the morning. Sure, they could take him, can you come in right this minute? So off we go. Gina, who normally cuts my hair the years I don’t shave it all off, was there and took on the task of trimming. Zane wasn’t in as good of a mood as the last haircut and flinched a lot more, but overall he did a good job. Maybe it was because he asked her not to cut his ear off and she said OK?

We then went to cut a christmas tree. As I said he was in a strange mood and it kept creeping up in odd ways. During the tree cutting he got out of the van and wanted the first tree, despite it being way too big for the house. He didn’t want to take no for an answer and the rest of our tree hunting was interspersed with a little crying and unhappiness. Eventually he decided on another tree and we finished cutting it, paying for it, taking it home and setting it up in time for lunch.

Next up we took a short nap and then hopped into the car to drive the 40 minutes or so to Faith’s concert. We got within ten minutes of the place only to discover the back road I’d taken was closed. Off we headed on an even more rustic back road, unsure if it would take us there. A long, windy, muddy time later we finally made it to the town and got into the church with a few minutes to spare. Zane wanted to sit at the very front and other than a few very loud “what is that?” type comments between songs he stayed still and quiet.

Here’s a recording I made the other day of Zane singing Jingle Bells in the car while we waited for Faith. He sang it about six times through but I didn’t think about recording it until the last couple of verses: Jingle Bells. Now the funny thing is that he’ll often sing this when we are out shopping and inevitably some nearby lady will make a comment. One said, “I don’t remember it having those lyrics” and another commented “Hey, at least he’s in tune!”