Which stands for Rural Runt #1, of course!

It’s only been a day, but each time he walks into the family room and spots his mailbox he gives a squeal of delight. I came up with this idea on Friday when Zane and I were out for a walk. Well, it would have been a walk if we were, you know, walking. Instead we were stuck at the end of the driveway with Zane crying by the mailbox, refusing to leave its side. I finally put him on my shoulders to get the walk back on track (shoulder rides usually trump sadness and stubbornness). Down the road a bit I set him down and we commenced the walk…until the next mailbox.

Clearly he needs to get this mailbox fixation out of his system, but there are only so many hours in the day that we are willing to stand at the end of the driveway picking Zane up to check the mail, again and again.

A trip to Home Depot for a ten buck mailbox (he was totally overwhelmed in the mailbox aisle…who wouldn’t be?), some sawing and hammering of scrap wood in the garage and we have a new Zane toy, perhaps the most popular so far. If I were a true geek I’d put sensors on the door so we could have a real-time web graph of how many times he opens and closes it. Must be a hundred so far.