Rocket Science

For the 4th of July we dug the old water rocket launcher out of the garage, spent an hour or so fixing things up and then the next few hours using and refining it and our rockets. Zane has lots of big ideas (“let’s put a chicken on one of the rockets to teach it to fly!”) and some are more do-able than others. At one point he was demonstrating the rocket to his mom and the nose cone for the rocket got stuck on the roof. Normally I’d be able to lug the huge ladder out of the garage and we’d get it, but not this Summer. So we talked about some possible rescue scenarios and he even came up with a plausible one using the garden hose set on Jet spray, but the distance was too far. Later in the day he came to tell me that he accidentally broke the plastic outdoor table. Turns out he was trying to use it as a step ladder so he could climb on top of the camper and use a big broom to sweep the nose cone off the roof.

I made a new nose cone and we’re just waiting for the glue to dry. “:^)