Rock Head Kid

Rock Head Kid

He’s getting better at NOT eating rocks, although he’ll test our boundaries/attention span from time to time. It’s the old double standard of, “here’s some finger foods, eat up!” vs. “don’t you dare eat the dead fly clasped in your fingers!” We spent a good twenty minutes at the front wall last night, Zane diligently picking rocks off the top (microscopic ones even) and dropping them on the ground. More fun than de-petal-lating flowers!

Zane is hanging out around 19.4 lbs and 30-31 inches tall. The fourth tooth on the bottom is slowly sneaking out while the other top front tooth seems to be racing it to be the slowest. His milk glut is over for now and he’s been doing well on eating solids. We went out for father’s day and it was nice not to bring any food along, making his meal from bits of our meals. The jury is still out on pastrami.