Return of BCBH


Well, maybe not “Climbing,” more like Big Clamoring Baby Head.

This was towards the end of belly time when tiny milk powered muscles could no longer lift the head off of the blanket, much less propel a whole body. Look at that furrowed brow! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that little forehead furrow quite often in the coming years.

His pimples have mostly cleared up, just a random one here and there and some kind of little bumps on his torso. Faith says the mother’s milk she rubbed on his cheeks cleared the pimples up. She certainly has enough to go around. Zane’s a 20 to 21 oz a day kind of guy, while Faith’s a 24 to 26 oz a day gal. So we have bottles of extra milk in the fridge and quite a bit of it tucked away in cryo storage.

Which goes to say that Zane still hasn’t taken to breast-feeding. Maybe he’s spoiled by fast food (bottle) and doesn’t want to expend the effort needed to enjoy a home cooked meal, so to speak. Hard to say. Faith is still working on him and he’s to the point where he’ll try it for a while and doesn’t go off the deep end in a crying jag. But it’s still more of an interesting hobby, something he dabbles in from time to time but would never try making a living from.