Red, White & Blue

Red Contrasts

Doesn’t this shirt make him look older? I mean, sure, two months is pretty ancient but here he looks almost three or four months old!

A few days after we came home from the hospital I was chatting with our friend Lynn (who’s been through this) and she asked how everything was going.

“Pretty good. Not much sleep, but I think we’ve come up with a routine.” I confidently replied.

“You are a funny guy.” she quipped, “There won’t be anything routine for quite a long time!”

And, of course, she was right.

So, it’s probably silly for me to think that there’s a pattern emerging after only a few days, but here goes. Lately I’ve been feeding him around 8pm after the two or three of us have enjoyed some science or nature show. After the requisite burping, groaning, stretching, and changing of the diapers he gets burrito’d tightly and put to bed to the backdrop of synthetic frogs and crickets. He then remains asleep until almost midnight, has another feeding, then back to bed for another 3.75 hours (c’mon, you can do 4!). The last phase, leading up to Daddy’s shift, is probably closer to three hours.

If you could just ignore the two, quick feedings at midnight and three (trust me, you can’t) then it’s a pretty full night’s sleep. Maybe if we hung a gerbil waterer in his crib topped up with milk he could simply roll over and self-serve?