Raised by Wild Dogs

Zane posing in our Rorschach closet. Really, we are going to paint it soon.

Let’s see, a few updates. Zane now weighs, 23, no, 18, wait, 21, er, 19, uh, 16, 21, dang-it-shut-off-again pounds. He’s still somewhere north of 33 inches tall/long/high, but I haven’t measured for over a month so that’s no help. What I do know for sure is that he has two more teeth coming in. I gave him a bath last night and after one of those I can almost always get a quick examination of his mouth. The two top Canine’s are starting to poke their way through the gum.

Which segues quite nicely into today’s video, that combines Zane’s two new favorite past times: playing in the closet and howling with his Dad.

p.s. there’s a youtube version if that doesn’t play for you or you simply like lower quality, fuzzy videos.