Race Car Bed - In Action!

Zane’s slept solely in his big boy race car bed for the past two days and nights. We had luck with naps starting over the weekend and when it came time to put him into bed Tuesday night I thought, “Hey, why not” and plunked him down on the RCB, tossed a blanket on him (he doesn’t seem to like sleep sacks these days, part of his move for independence) and, to his and my surprise, he went right to sleep. I think he was caught off-guard.

The crib is still in the room as a backup but will probably be removed in the next few days. As you can see he’s all over the place when sleeping and the blanket doesn’t last very long. Dunno if that’s because he’s not used to it or the weather’s warm enough that he doesn’t need it.

In other Zane news. He’s been inadvertently feeding half of the bugs in the neighborhood these days. We put bug stuff on him but sometimes he gets out before we remember or they find an uncovered spot. I also think he has his first case of poison ivy on his left ankle/foot area. Faith thought a bug was in his room overnight, but I’ve had poison ivy enough to have a vague, familiar feeling that is what he got. Gotta figure out where he’s been walking, either barefoot or in sandals, the past couple days.

As I mentioned last week Zane surprised all of his with a horn solo during a video iChat with Aunt Laura. A little while later I had the camera and managed to capture a little bit of his playing, which I’ve composed into a Jazzy little movie below. You’ll note from my playing at the beginning that he (hopefully) hasn’t inherited any music talent from me. What I think is interesting is that after I play a few notes on the recorder, he “plays” them right back using his voice (i.e. mimicking the recorder). Click the image below to view the movie.