Quiet Contemplation

In the shadows

Happy eleven month birthday, Zane!

We went to a train show and a museum on Sunday. Zane likes trains but there weren’t very many running. Still, he’d start wiggling and his eyes lit up each time a train rounded the corner. Next up was the museum. Zane must have misread the sign on the door as Noiseum, because he made a racket the whole time we were inside. The vaulted ceilings and sparse rooms made for a lovely baby echo chamber, which he continually tested in search of the resonant frequency. When we’d had enough of that (along with the other patrons), Zane and I bided our time in the lobby, playing with toys and crawling across the marble floor … quietly.

Lots of teething lately. I know I’ve been saying this for ten months or so, but it’s never been this heavy duty or persistent. Sneaking a peak at his top gums I’d wager that the left tooth is on its way first.