Quechee Balloon Festival, 2011

I’d cleared it with him the night before, but it’s still a bit of a shock to the system to get out of bed at 5:40am and drive to the balloon festival only to have to wait and wait for the fog to clear (last year we got up even earlier). We wandered around, looking at all of the various styles of balloons and baskets until we happened upon one where the lady talked to Zane. She showed pictures of what it would look like full, what their other ones looked like, and answered his questions. That sealed the deal, he wouldn’t leave that spot, since he’d found “his” balloon.

Eventually the fog lifted and people cranked up big gas powered fans to “cold” fill the balloons. That’s pretty noisy, but not nearly as noisy as the propane burners that fill it with hot air. It costs a couple hundred bucks for one person to get a ride and I’m not sure if Zane counts or not. They had a $20 raffle for a ride, but I wasn’t sure that he’d be up for the long, noisy ride. It’s not like they can turn around and drop us back off.

Goodbye balloon!

Frankly the real star of the show was a totally different kind of inflatable: the bouncy house obstacle course. The also had a regular bouncy house and some kind of inflatable race car tunnel thing, but the obstacle course was Zane’s favorite by far.

We ended up spending over six hours, including breaks for breakfast and lunch. The last attraction we saw were the skydivers. After I explained what they were going to do Zane was concerned, “Daddy, kids don’t like falling from the sky.” It took a couple more tries before I came up with an explanation that translated better to 4yr old logic. Once he saw them glide in, over our heads, and land in the field it made more sense.