Quechee Balloon Festival

Up at five yesterday morning (way easier to get Zane up at that hour than it is his mommy) the two of us drove over to Quechee for the balloon festival. The launch was scheduled for six, but as these things go we had plenty of time. The nice thing about the festival is they let people walk around as the balloons get setup, filled, and launched. So Zane got an up close view of the whole event. The only thing that scared him was when they fired up the gas burners nearby.

The festival has a lot more than balloons. We took in a bouncy house, dog frisbee show, a tour of the RV parking lot (not part of festival, but hey), mini train ride, dancing, obstacle course, and more. By 10:30 Zane started getting tired and hungry, as was I, so we headed back to the car. He kicked into full stall mode, wanting five more minutes, to go to the Montshire, go see Toy Story, and so forth. Ten minutes into the drive home he fell sound asleep.