Quacky Lips

Sometimes Zane shows interest in the most unlikely objects. This chip clip was transformed into a spring loaded chew toy, or duck lips if you will. He walked around the room biting the handle, the other end opening and closing like a baby beak. Then there was the closet incident(s) yesterday. Not sure what his plan was when he pulled all of my shirts down off of their hangers, but he did organize them into a semi-orderly pile. Faith hung them all up and he then proceeded to do it again just before I got home from work.

He’s been drinking lots of milk lately, while eating only so-so. Faith’s production has been tapering off, which means more and more of it is cow’s milk now. He doesn’t seem to notice or indicate a preference. The great news is that he no longer sips slowly at the bottle or sippy cup, he can pull down four ounces in a few minutes now where it would take fifteen or twenty before. Solids are a mixed bag. Sometimes he picks lazily and we have to all but put every bite into his mouth, distracting him with gizmos to keep the crying down. Other times you’ll hit on a food he likes (fried chicken, tomatoes, broccoli!) and he’ll shovel it in non-stop. There must be a way to analyze the pH and nutrient levels of saliva to figure out exactly what would be a hit. That’s a product I’d buy.

Here’s a couple web cam shots from the past week. We’ll title them: “that’s gotta hurt” and “where’s the baby.”